February 7, 2023
The Complete Guide to Exercise Balls

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What Is An Exercise Ball And How Can it Help Me?

An exercise ball is a round, inflated ball used for physical exercise. It helps improve balance, flexibility, and core strength.

A stability ball generally has a diameter of 55 cm to 65 cm. The larger the stability ball, the more difficult it becomes to maintain balance on the ball.

Exercise balls are also referred to as Swiss balls or fitness balls and can be either inflatable or non-inflatable.

An exercise ball is a type of stability ball that can be used for many different fitness exercises. It can help the user to exercise their arms, back, abs, and legs.

Exercise balls come in a variety of materials including PVC and rubber. The PVC balls are less expensive while the rubber balls are more expensive but last much longer.

Exercises You Can Do With An Exercise Ball

Exercises You Can Do With An Exercise Ball
Exercises You Can Do With An Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is a great tool to improve your posture by sitting on it and doing various exercises.

Exercises you can do with an exercise ball:

  • Rolling the ball underneath your feet for a few minutes will help with your balance while improving core strength.

  • Sit on the ball and bounce it for 20 seconds to strengthen hip flexors.

  • Bounce the balls as high as you can to work on arm muscles.

  • Hold a plank position and continue bouncing the ball in front of you to work on your leg muscles.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Exercise Ball?

The reason why this product is so popular is that it’s not expensive at all and it can work wonders for your back pain.

Exercise balls are great for stretching and strengthening your back muscles. You can also use them for exercises that strengthen your abs, hamstrings, and glutes.

A study from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health found that sitting for too long can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Sitting also increases the time it takes to recover from a short burst of intense activity.

When you use an exercise ball as a chair while working, you are constantly shifting your weight which helps to keep your body in motion.

An exercise ball can also be used as a part of your workout routine or for balance training.

What Are The Types Of Exercise Balls And Which Are The Best Ones To Get For Your Goals?

What are the Types of Exercise Balls
What are the Types of Exercise Balls

Exercise balls provide a great way to tone the core muscles and strengthen the back. But, how can you figure out which one is best for you?

There are three different types of exercise balls: stability ball, yoga ball, and Swiss exercise ball.

The stability ball is typically used for strengthening the core and doing exercises like crunches.

Yoga balls are often used in yoga classes because they are more difficult to balance which makes them more challenging.

Swiss exercise balls are usually recommended by physiotherapists because they put less pressure on your spine than other balls.


Why You Should Use An Exercise Ball For Your Wellness & Fitness Goals

It is time we start thinking about our well-being and fitness goals from a different perspective.

The idea of sitting at home in front of the TV or working out in a crowded gym for hours may not be the best way to achieve our desired goals.

Instead, we should consider using exercise balls for a more efficient and healthier workout.

Exercise balls are great because they help you stay active and move your body even when you’re at work or home!

Plus, they come with an infinite number of exercises to keep your muscles engaged and your workout fun!

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