February 7, 2023
How Many Calories Are in One Corn on the Cob?

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Corn on the cob has a lot of calories in it so it is not healthy food. It is also not good for you because it can lead to increased weight and increased cholesterol.

How many calories are in one corn on the cob?

The caloric content of corn on the cob varies across brands and types, but generally, one kernel contains between 15-50 calories.

What Is The Calorie Content of the Various Types of Corn?

What Is The Calorie Content of the Various Types of Corn?

Corn is a staple ingredient in many dishes, but the calorie content of the different types of corn varies.

Different types of corn include white corn, sweet corn, popcorn, and yellow sweet corn.

White Corn

White Corn is the most common variety that you find in grocery stores. It contains just 10 calories per 100 grams or around 18 calories per cup.

The fiber in white corn has been found to lower blood sugar which can help reduce diabetes risk by 30%.

It also contains essential vitamins like niacin and thiamin which are needed for energy metabolism.

Sweet Corn

It has around 18 calories per cup or 40 calories per 100 grams and is high in fiber with 6 grams per cup. It also contains essential vitamins.


Popcorn is a favorite snack food for many, but it’s also a terrific way to satisfy the cravings that accompany a movie or sporting event.

You can find kernels in various flavors and sizes and both air-popped and oven-baked varieties.

Yellow sweet corn

Yellow sweet corn, a type of corn, contains about 45 calories per 100 grams. This is a good amount for food with such a high level of nutrients.

How to Count Calories to Figure Out the Number of Calories in a Serving Size?

To figure out the number of calories in a serving size, you have to know the calorie count of the food item. A nutrition calculator is a good tool for this.

It can be found on most websites and apps. You will also need to know your current weight, height, and body fat percentage before using a nutrition calculator.

You can also use them to calculate how many calories you would burn from different workouts, depending on their length and intensity.

The one thing you cannot do with a nutrition calculator figures out how many calories are in your favorite meal or snack.

There is no easy way around this as every brand has its calorie content list which is proprietary information that they don’t want other companies getting access to.

Microwaving Corn on the Cob Method

Microwaving Corn on the Cob Method

Microwaving corn on the cob is a popular cooking method. It is easy to do and allows you to cook food quickly.

Microwaving corn for this cooking method takes around half an hour, so it can be used for camping or when you want to have a quick meal.

Roasting Corn on the Cob Method

In recent years, many people have become more concerned about the healthiness of their food.

They are trying to avoid toxicity and unhealthy ingredients in their diet. One way to do this is by roasting whole corn on the cob at a high temperature for 40 minutes.

Risks: There are a few risks associated with roasting corn on the cob this way.

The risk of burning your corn, which could lead to burnt or blackened kernels and can also cause your corn to taste bitter and hard as well as potentially giving you stomach aches.

When it comes to roasting corns, there is no easy answer as people will all have different cooking times and temperatures that they prefer to use for their roasted corns.

Baking Corn on the Cob Method

Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you can’t wait for your corns to cook. This is the time when you should turn to this baking corn on the cob method.

This cooking technique is simple and easy to do. Once you have peeled the husks off the corn cobs, place them on a baking sheet with about one inch of space between each cob.

Place in an oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, remove from the oven and enjoy!

In this technique, it is important to ensure that your corn cobs aren’t touching one another or anything else underneath because they will burn faster if they are close together.

How many calories are in one ear of corn?

Corn is a common ingredient used in many foods and it has numerous health benefits.

It is also a type of food that people tend to overeat without realizing how many calories they are consuming.

Let’s find out how many calories there are in one ear of corn by doing the math ourselves.

There are 382 calories in one ear of corn, or 240 grams.

How many carbs are in an ear of corn?

Corn is low-carbohydrate, meaning that it has fewer than 10% of carbohydrates.

The average amount of carbs in an ear of corn is around 11 grams per ear.

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